Is a Smoky Mountain Cabin Rental More Expensive Than a Hotel Room?

Smoky Mountain Cabin Rental with Amazing ViewsSmoky Mountain Cabin Rental, LLC recently completed a comprehensive study related to lodging prices in the Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge area. For the study, the weekend of 12/9/2011 to 12/12/2011 was randomly selected and all fees are included in the rates listed below. Since the comparison cabin, Smoky Mountain Sunrise, is a 4 bedroom/2200 square-foot cabin, we compared the cost of this cabin to reserving two area hotel rooms at Hampton Inn (Pigeon Forge & Gatlinburg locations), Hilton Garden Inn (Gatlinburg), Doubletree (Gatlinburg), and Holiday Inn.

Date of Check-In: 12/9/2011
Date of Check-Out: 12/12/2011
Quoted Cabin: 4 Bedroom and approximately 2200 square feet
Quoted Hotel Rooms: 2 Rooms with approximately 300 square feet each
Hotel Price Range: $801.46 to 940.34
Average Hotel Price: $857.07
Cabin Price: $894.64

Additional Considerations/Findings:

  • All fees and taxes were included
  • 4 Bedroom cabin is capable of sleeping 12 adults (same price as above) and that would equate to 3-6 hotel rooms
  • 3 hotels were less expensive and 2 hotels were more expensive
  • Due to cleaning fees and discounted rates, the cabin is cheaper per night on longer rentals (4+ nights)

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